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Find a geocache

You can view the caches we have listed on a map, or search for caches in your area using the search function.

For each cache there is a view with useful features like a map view, links to geocaching and google maps as well as the thread in the BetterCacher forum.

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What is BetterCacher?

BetterCacher explicitly intends NOT to be a rating platform. GC vote and similar platforms already do that job just perfectly, so there is no need for us to re-invent the wheel.

Furthermore, all caches are so different, that the many kinds of rating criteria automatically cause problems - either you choose all the points that have to be rated (beauty, location, story, character of the box, difficulty of the mystery, etc...), but nevertheless are never able to do justice to ALL the caches, because there will always be points that are not listed in the rating, that make one particular cache so special - OR you choose a common rating, like GC vote.

This certainly enables us to see at first glance, if the majority of the former finders thought that this cache was good or bad.

But it says nothing about 'WHY'.

And that's the gap we want to fill with this site.

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What else do I have to know?

There is not much you need to know, but there are two important points:

  • On this site, no 'negative advertising' will be allowed; we want to concentrate on the GOOD things.
  • We think that a geocache that has been created with a lot of love and effort, deserves for you to write some words about it, rather than just clicking on a star or a number.

If you know a cache that you think is special, then there are several ways suggest it:

  • You register at the forum, open a thread in your specific country or province, and describe why this cache is so very special.
  • You send us your suggestion , and write a few sentences about why you recommend this cache. We will open up the thread for you.

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BetterCacher wants to provide a platform for people who love the SPECIAL geocaches. Without rating.

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