How it works

What is BetterCacher?

BetterCacher is the platform FOR special caches. Only caches that are superbly crafted, have high demands on difficulty or terrain, or otherwise stand out positively make it here.
We want beautiful cans, exciting cans. Lovingly created caches that show the work and the passion. Breathtaking locations, sophisticated systems, exciting stories. Caches with mind, heart and soul. With wit, understanding and that "certain something". That make searching for cans an experience and that will be remembered.

Which caches are special?

Geocaches on BetterCacher stand out from the crowd. Be it through a special location, handicrafts or a cool idea. It is important that the overall package is right and that the geocache is remembered.

How are the caches selected??

Anyone can suggest geocaches. The suggestions are then checked by a team member (usually online, rarely on site). And, depending on the quality, listed on BetterCacher.

How can caches be suggested?

Everyone can suggest caches. When we get a suggestion, we check to see if the cache stands out from the crowd. If he does that he will be accepted. The (preferably detailed) description, which is also published in the cache view, is always important here. Now everyone can comment on the cache. So either endorse the proponent's opinion or not. If someone is of the opinion that the cache is not so great after all, it can also happen that it is deleted again. Immediately or after a vote, depending on the contribution. Even if we are not sure whether the cache should be listed on BetterCacher, there may be a vote. The most important thing about BetterCacher is that there is a WHY. So not just an evaluation, but also a description.

What is not allowed?

BetterCacher is free for everyone. We do not allow geocaches in which a product or company precedes the cache experience.
Negative reviews are also not welcome at BetterCacher. We want to focus on the positive.

Cooperation with Geocaching Voor Iedereen

We cooperate with the Dutch website Special geocaches are awarded there every month. These are also automatically nominated for BetterCacher. So we can offer you great caches nationwide in the Netherlands. You can recognize a cooperation cache by the banner in the cache view.

Checked geocaches

Our team checks geocaches on site. If a geocache has been checked on site, it gets the "Verified Geocache" logo:

This geocache was visited by the BetterCacher team on site.


More information on categories: view link

BetterCacher categories

We introduced categories for BetterCacher in August 2021. These should make it easier for you to find the geocaches that are right for you. When you suggest a geocache, you have the option of specifying categories for this geocache.

Information about Premium

We recommend starting a geocache only if you have access to the complete listing of the geocache. Sometimes a paid membership at is necessary for this.