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GC6JTPN - Challenge - Gemeinden Liechtensteins

It's not only the challenge to go caching in all of Liechtensteins districts (which sounds easier than it is in fact). It's the final location which contains a little nerdy surprise for cachers. It's very nicely crafted and keeps the contents of the cache very safe as well.

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GC5YH7M - Grand Tour #04: Stiftsbezirk St. Gallen

This LB Cache of the Grand Tour of Switzerland Series shows you to some of the historic places of St Gallen. But then at the final L-E-T-T-E-R-B-O-X there is a special treat for Cachers, some brain teasing; take some time and enjoy (and it will take some time to enjoy ;-). Everything you need is there (and more). Regarding LB caches - lots of them are great -: this is one of the of the best.

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GC58RT9 - Tierische Runde #5

It's thematic and technically very nicely crafted (a little bit of a field "puzzle"). And of course it's perfectly camouflaged.

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GC6XMEP - #9 Grabser Rietrunde / TB- Hotel

It is a rather big container, but it fits perfectly into its location. The special point is how to log using the means provided by the cache.

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#9 Grabser Rietrunde / TB- Hotel

St. Gallen, Switzerland

Tierische Runde #5

Vorarlberg, Austria