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02/15/2023 13:13
BetterCacher Lists - the new feature for efficient geocaching

Geocaching with BetterCacher is a great way to find the best geocaches in the world. There are hundreds of geocaches in many regions just waiting to be discovered. But the more caches you find, the more difficult it becomes to keep track. That's why we created the "Lists" feature. developed.

BetterCacher lists allow users to organize their geocaches into collections. These collections can be public or private and contain an unlimited number of caches. Users can organize their lists by distance, difficulty, terrain, or other criteria to keep track of their geocaches.

The great thing about BetterCacher lists is that you can view the geocaches on the list in tabular form with the ability to filter, or view them on a map. The table displays information such as cache type, difficulty, size and distance. The filters allow users to search their list based on specific criteria and quickly find the cache they are looking for.

BetterCacher Lists' map view shows all geocaches on the list in an interactive map. The map can be zoomed and panned and it is possible to select individual caches to see more information. The map is especially useful when planning a route and want to see where each cache is located.

BetterCacher Listen also offers a sync feature. This means you can sync your lists across different devices. So if you create a list on your smartphone, it's also available on your tablet or computer.

Overall, BetterCacher Lists is a great feature for all geocachers who want to organize their caches. It is easy to use and offers a wealth of features that enhance the geocaching experience. Try it out and discover your surroundings in a new way!

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