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How can caches be suggested?

How to do it

Do you know a geocache that stuck in your memory and that you would like to share with others? Then BetterCacher is the right place for it. The special geocache can be found more easily by others and is a pleasure. You even increase the cache quality with a good suggestion, as other players are encouraged to create great geocaches.

What is important?

Four signs the geocache belongs on BetterCacher.
Not sure? Suggest the geocache anyway. It is better to have one suggestion too many than too little. 😉

In memory
The geocache was so great that even after a long time you will happily think back to the find.
What makes this geocache so great and sets it apart from others?
You are not alone
Other geocachers before you were also enthusiastic about this geocache.

A geocache for BetterCacher?

Are you convinced that the geocache belongs on our map? Then feel free to suggest it by clicking the button.

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