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04/24/2023 16:52
Neu: BetterCacher Banner

The Review department took a few days vacation with the Public Relations department and visited Bettercacher-Cache after Bettercacher-Cache. But even the most holiday-ready can't go on holiday in peace when the IT department is constantly reminding them from afar that their latest inventions need to be published! ­čśë Jaaaaaa, wave wave to H. - you did a great job and we are now sharing the new achievements with the community! After all, the WLAN in the holiday home had an understanding and let us vacation for now. Now let's continue with new momentum here: Are you the owner of a cache listed on Then feel addressed now. Previously you could include a general Bettercacher banner in your cache listing. Now there is the banner generator and with it a personalized BC banner for your cache. Via the link you can now give your cache its individual Bettercacher banner. There are three variants here: the blue banner for listed on BC, the silver banner for the caches visited by the team and the golden banner for the team recommendations, so the absolute big hits! Aaaaaaaber: please don't let that encourage you to submit any caches to us. ­čÖĆ­čśë
In the past few weeks, many proposals have been received that we have had to reject. We want to list the special, the extraordinary, the particularly great caches. You can find the rest as usual on the relevant geocaching sites.

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