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BetterCacher API

Informationen über die BetterCacher-API und ihre Nutzungsbedingungen.
Diese Seite ist nur auf Englisch verfügbar.

Terms of use

You can use our API under CC BY-NC-SA. License Deed | Legal Code


The current API version is V2.0.
Here you can find more information about V1.0: documentation (outdated)

single query

Just replace 'GCCODE' with the gccode of the cache you want to query.

Archived geocaches: true

multiple queries,GCCODE,GCCODE

Replace 'GCCODE,GCCODE,GCCODE' with the GCCODES of the caches you want to query.

Note: Do not enter spaces.
Archived geocaches: false

queries with coordinates,9.000000,50

Replace with the coordinates and the distance of the caches you want to query. Separate with a comma, like '52.000000,9.000000,50'.

Note: If you don't enter a distance, we will use 100km as distance.
Archived geocaches: false


Api classification including name, description, data type and possible output.

variable description data type output
id BetterCacher ID of the geocache int
name cache-name string
lat latitude float 52.000000
lng longitude float 9.000000
type geocache type string traditionalmultiunknownweherigoearthcacheletter
size geocache size string microsmallregularlargeotherv
gccode gccode of the geocache string GCTEST
logs contains log information array
logs:user username of the user string
logs:text text of the log string
platform platform where the cache is listed; or string gcoc
country country in which the cache is hidden string Germany
state state in which the cache is hidden string Berlin
add date and time at which the cache was added datetime (yyyy-MM-dd hh-mm-ss) 2021-06-01 12:00:00
parel if the cache is a parel in the netherlands or a jewel in belgium string nlblfalse
catmystery category mystery boolean truefalse
catgadget category catgadget boolean truefalse
catnature category catnature boolean truefalse
cathiking category cathiking boolean truefalse
catlocation category catlocation boolean truefalse
catother category catother boolean truefalse
catrecommendation category catrecommendation boolean truefalse
tier BetterCacher tier string GOLDSILVERBLUE