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BetterCacher Changelog

Discover the changes to the BetterCacher website.

1.1.7: Bugfixes (08.04.2024)

Bugfixes for changing the email address in the user account. Added information for registration.

1.1.6: Server Update (17.11.2023)

Updates for new server infrastructure and domain DNS.

1.1.5: Bugfixes (20.10.2023)

An error when sending activation emails to Gmail addresses has been fixed.

1.1.4: Language system changes (08.10.2023)

The system and the base URL have been adapted to the respective language.

1.1.2: Updates to the map and search (10.09.2023)

New option to filter by tiers. Map shows all geocaches with tier GOLD with a golden border. Tiers are now displayed in search results.

1.1.1: Small Updates (04.09.2023)

New page "Integrations" (Help > Integrations) and some other small changes.

1.1.0: General Update (25.08.2023)

  • Small design improvements to the map.
  • New start page for not logged in users.
  • Changed the way the tier function works to improve the output through the API and the website.
  • The behavior when calling functions that are only available for logged in users has been improved. (No forwarding to info page.)

1.0.4: PHP Filter Update (04.07.2023)

A missing filter affected the reading of cache data in rare cases.

1.0.3: Spam protection (01.07.2023)

The sign up form was equipped with a spam protection, because unfortunately this function was misused.

1.0.2: Bugfixes (01.06.2023)

An element in the search function, which should only be visible to logged in users, has been removed for users who are not logged in.

1.0.1: Bugfixes (16.05.2023)

An error in the Javascript code of the search function has been fixed, which prevented a search for users who were not logged in.

1.0.0: Release of a new version

We have completely revised the website.